Water = Life.

When you give to Pure Water, you are giving life to another person.

Where does the money go?

Building Wells – Giving someone in a third world country a bottle of water does not do them any good for more than a day because there is no where to fill it up! This is why all of the money we raise goes towards building wells. They are sustainable sources of clean water and it is free!

Potable Containers – Once a well is built the local people will need to have a container or jug they can use to take the water back home with them.

Well Maintenance – After years of use a well will have standard wear and tear and possibly broken parts that need to be replaced.


Ralph’s Program

This is a little secret. Shhh.
Most of Ralph’s employees don’t even know this.

Ralph’s will take 2-4% of how much you already spend at any of their locations and donate it to Pure Water. It costs you nothing and does NOT take away from your gas points or your in-store discount.

Follow these 5 simple steps:

1. Go to Ralphs.com and login to your account/create your online account

2. Once logged in click on your name to take you to your account

3. At the bottom of the page click Enroll (it may want you to enter your Rewards Card before enrolling)


4. To find Pure Water, search: Pure Water. Select it and then click enroll. Thats it!


5. Buy groceries and Ralph’s will donate 2-4% of what you spend helping bring clean water around the world!

The 2-4% works on a sliding scale. Let me explain: when you spend $200 in a month at Ralph’s they will donate 2% of what you are spending, when you spend $400 in a month they will donate 4%.

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