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We at Pure Water are water fanatics, but on the weekends…we drink vodka

So, when we heard about Reigncane Vodka and their water source which has been written about by National Geographic, we kind of got really excited!


On the particular island where they get their water, there is an average yearly water fall of 166 days per year. That means, almost every other day there is water falling from the sky, drenching the island and keeping the water supply fresh. 

Now, water is awesome and keeps us all alive, but on the weekends – its vodka that we turn to. Being the purest spirit it has naturally become a favorite of ours at Pure Water. We have tried a lot of different brands and something that struck us as more than just interesting was that Reigncane Vodka uses organic sugar cane to make their alcohol. Now, sugar cane obviously does not grow in Alaska, but as stated on their website, “Our goal was to create the best tasting vodka” it makes sense why they go from one hemisphere to another to gather the best ingredients with a goal like that. 

The organic sugar cane lends a slightly, again, slightly sweet taste (there is no sugar in vodka), but you can tell right away from the smell and taste that this is not your average corn or potato vodka. It’s very crisp and super smooth. I guess they run it through organic coconut husk charcoal filters to remove impurities after distillation. I am not a distillery master so I do not know exactly what that does to the over all spirit, but I can tell you as an avid vodka drinker that it give it a really smooth finish. Reigncane just on the rocks is enjoyable. 

I’m ready to go grab another glass thinking through it all while writing this. 

If you want to try it, refresh your liquor cabinet or maybe share it with a friend who you know loves vodka you can only find it at stores in California right now, but you can shop it online with free shipping on orders of 3 bottles or more on their website and the shipping was quick, only took 3 days:

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Stay tuned for what we have tested and love next!

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